DENTON ENTERPRISES: Health Safety & Environment Policy Performance Statement

It is Denton Enterprises’ goal to positively promote and influence the health, safety and environmental performance of all of our employees and any subcontractors working for our companies. It is our objective, where possible:

  • To eliminate all injuries.
  • To eliminate or reduce exposure to excessive levels of jobsite health hazards.
  • To eliminate damage to property.
  • To eliminate or reduce environmental hazards associated with our work.

Denton Enterprises has adopted a written, comprehensive safety program where the safety policies and responsibilities are clearly expressed. The Safety Program outlines safety responsibilities at all levels. These safety responsibilities include job hazard analysis; safety audits; tool box talks; and safety training.

Our safety program also includes a set of safety rules and/or guidelines to follow. The Safety Rules give our superintendents, foremen and workers a clear direction on how Denton Enterprises expect its employees to work safely, as well as keeping the work site in a safe and healthful condition.

Denton Enterprises enforces the safety rules through a disciplinary program. The Disciplinary Program puts into effect a method to eliminate those employees who do not maintain the level of safety that Denton Enterprises expects. It is Denton Enterprises’ belief that through the joint effort of management and employees in carrying out the safety rules and enforcing the disciplinary program, an accident-free record could be obtained.

As an additional step to eliminate unsafe behavior and prevent accidents, Denton Enterprises enforces a drug free workplace policy. The Drug Free Workplace Policy includes pre-employment, random, post-accident, reasonable cause, and return to duty drug testing. Any employee that is under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol is endangering themselves as well as putting co-workers, customers, and the general public at risk. Policy violations will result in the immediate suspension of the employee and their removal from the job site.

Denton Enterprises further demonstrates its commitment to health, safety and environmental concerns through the establishment of our safety committee. The Safety Committee includes a representative from management; the safety director; a designated representative from each company; and a designated representative from the superintendents, the foremen and the workers. The Safety Committee’s mission is to help identify and correct health, safety and environmental issues; aid in accident, injury and property damage investigations; and to assist in holding employees responsible for safety regulations and rules.

Denton Enterprises believes that acts of safety deserve to be rewarded. Therefore a Safety Incentive Program has been developed to acknowledge those employees that take an active role in the safety program and display a higher level of safety awareness. This program also encourages all employees to get involved in the safety process. The Safety Incentive Program is referred to as the “I GET IT” Program. The words “I GET IT” symbolize the philosophy that safety is a commitment; safety is everyone’s responsibility; safety is part of the process, not an afterthought; safety takes planning and that safety pays the company dividends rather than costing the company money.

Denton Enterprises takes pride in all of its employees, operations and jobsites, as well as their safety record.